Corporate Background
Juniper Technology was founded in 2003 in silicon valley.  We strive
ourselves in providing un-parallel service to semicondutor industry in
management and consultation of services needed in this industry.
Juniper Technology
Management Team
VP Engineering,  Mr. Allen Chang

Mr. Chang is an avid veteran in the software and semiconductor
industry.  Prior to joining Juniper Technology in 2006,  Mr. Chang
held various technical positions and management positions at
Cisco System.  Mr. Chang holds a master degree from Silicon
Valley University.
Services Manager,  Mr. Saaid Safavi

Mr. Safavi has extensive experience through his 20 years of service
in the semiconductor industry.   Prior to joining Juniper, Mr. Safavi
held various technical positions with Nikon, NEC, Accretech, and
Xilinx.  Mr. Safavi holds a BA degree from Iran University.